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About 5 AM

Not afraid to explore different genres and sounds, 5AM is not easily put in a box. Originally a one time collective, they quickly grew to be a close-knit friend group.

Their sound is described as unique, which is quite representative of the five different personalities in the band. Together they create a sound that is refreshing, addictive and versatile. 

Hardly influenced by ‘what it should be’, they strive to create music from the heart. When asked the question: ‘What is 5AM?’, you’ll most likely get five different answers. And that is exactly why they work.

Dara Dirkzwager - Vocals

Guus van Doremalen - Guitar

Jasper Boom - Bass

Sarah Prinsen - Keys

Merijn Jansen - Drums

new release

The music video ‘Shut Up Jasper is live.’ This video is a true embodiment of the artistic vision and musical journey of 5AM.

Immerse yourself in the captivating blend of melodies and visuals that set 5AM apart. ‘Shut Up Jasper’ is more than just a song – it’s a story, a vibe, an expression of the unique sound and style.

Upcoming Album

Dear Romance set to release in December – ‘A love letter written to love’

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